How my 65 years old mom is winning over her joint pains!

My mom is supermom (like all moms of course). Since childhood, I have seen her doing so many chores around the house. More work than any one person in the family (and sometimes even more than all of us combined)! I got her a Fitbit to see how many steps does she get in a day and she was averaging 25,000 on a daily basis! She had undergone surgery on her one of her knees a few years ago to remove the degenerated cartilage. My brother and I insisted on replacing the knee, but she wanted to keep things natural and so decided to just get rid of the degenerated cartilage. Over the years, I noticed that she was maintaining her working capacity and daily step count pretty high. She says that she gets her strength from twice a day meditation schedule. Anyone taking care of an older family member knows that the days can be hectic. She has been taking care of my 94 years old grandma! Lately, my mom started developing aches and pains in her joints. The knee joints, in particular, started bothering her. Mom was determined to overcome her aches and pains. Luckily (as she claims) a friend of hers introduced her to Nirgundi Oil. Mom has been using this oil constantly for the past 2 months and has been greatly appreciative of this. During my visit to her home in India, I did see improvement in her pains. Mom’s always smiling (she smiled even when she had pains). But now, she really feels improvement in her aches with this Nirgundi Oil.

Nirgundi, also called a five-leaved chaste tree, is a potent ayurvedic plant, that possesses noteworthy therapeutic properties and heals several ailments including asthma, muscle spasms and anxiety. It is scientifically termed Vitex negundo and commonly known as “Nishinda” in Bengali, “Nallavalli” in Telugu, “Nagod” in Gujarati and “Nallanochi” in Tamil.

Nirgundi’s natural habitats are chiefly in the Southern parts of Asia and Africa, being widely cultivated in the tropical environments of China, India, Indonesia, Tanzania, and Madagascar. It is a deciduous shrub, usually 2 to 8 meters in height, with a brown bark and green leaves that hold five leaflets. The flowers are white or blue in colour and upon developing, give rise to succulent, oval-shaped, purple fruits or drupes, with a fleshy pulp and seed in the interior.

Ancient Ayurvedic texts praise the curative traits of “Nirgundi”, which in Sanskrit literally translates to “that which protects the body from diseases”. True to its name, this wonderful gift of Mother Nature offers some fantastic rewards for overall human health.

The roots, leaves, flowers, fruits and bark of the Nirgundi plant are utilized in herbal concoctions in the form of oils, pastes, juices and powders, to cure disorders ranging from widely prevalent fevers to the very rare leprosy. This is owing to the multitude of beneficial plant compounds like flavonoids, terpenoids, organic fatty acids, alkaloids, as well as vitamin C reserves and oil extracts, which are present in vast amounts in Nirgundi.

Today, this magical herb is being naturalized and propagated worldwide, including America and Australia, so the global population can reap the excellent advantages that Nirgundi offers, for overall well-being.

I researched more into this Nirgundi and found this informative video that I would like to share with you.

Just to add to our knowledge base, we found that Nirgundi is an answer to more than one problems:

What is the best Ayurvedic medicine for uric acid?

The best Ayurvedic medicine for uric acid is Nirgundi. It helps to remove inflammation caused in gout conditions due to the presence of uric acid.

What is the best remedy for Arthritis?

Nirgundi is an Ayurvedic herb that helps to reduce inflammation caused due to Arthritis. However, proper health treatment is necessary to cure Arthritis.

What is the best Ayurvedic medicine for Osteoarthritis?

Ayurvedic medicines like Ashwagandha, Triphala, Nirgundi, Gugullu, and Shatavari helps to reduce the inflammation caused in Osteoarthritis.

What is the cause of Arthritis in knees according to Ayurveda?

According to Ayurveda, Arthritis is caused when the cartilage cushioning at the ends of the bones loses its elasticity. Without the protective covering of the cartilage, the bones rub against each other which causes stiffness, and inflammation. Nirgundi, an Ayurvedic medicine helps to combat this condition.

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